A few weeks ago I would not even have thought that I would go to India, but now I am sitting at the airport and waiting for the plane. Languidly trailing time takes me into the past; I sink into memories without resistance…

7 years ago, Goa became a new starting point in my life. In the beginning I did not notice this, although I lived there for six months. However when I returned to Moscow, it seemed to me that this beginning was not the best. As is often the case, at the beginning of the path you cannot see where it will lead you.

Then I was too perfunctory to understand that every moment of life we ​​make the most correct decisions, or more precisely the only ones that we can make in certain circumstances. And Goa – was the best solution for me, now I understand that. This is my best path and the most right direction!

I came here to take a break from business, I would even say – get rid of it. The time has passed, and now I am coming back here to start a new one on my return to Moscow. It will be an expression of feelings and an understanding of many things, realized in the form of
utility to this world. It will be like this!

I remember how thoughtlessly I waste my energy and inspiration when I returned from India. There I drew it, because it was just spread everywhere in space – it would be a sin not to put it in the bosom and carry it with me… Now I want to feel its diversity, forms and qualities, because it has many faces. Now in Goa I’ll glean inspiration of all kinds and varieties take it with me and take shape in Moscow…

But no, I’m already doing all this. Before leaving, for the umpteenth time, I was told about the book “Shantaram” … ”Of course, this is all for some reason”, I thought. The space tells me something, and since in our life there is no coincidence, I decided to read. Before the departure at the airport, “Shantaram” is an especially good and easy reading – I plunged completely. This is meditation, transference to another reality and an incredible journey of imagination. Reading this and presenting nothing is impossible. Dust is stuffed in the nose; the heat is felt right in the middle of winter, the many-sided variety of colors of India with all its magic and pristine
wildness rush right into the brain. The deep description of personalities is surprising – looking at everyone, the author seems to be opening the Pandora’s Box. The new character of “Shantaram” seems to jump out of the book right at me with all the baggage of his past, love experiences and problems. I look forward to meeting each new character, how deep the author will dig, and how deeply he will help me look into the souls of people from the book, which are our reflections. Due to how cleverly he describes the people, I remembered what Goa revealed to me then.

– Some say, and I confirm this fact that in India there is very fast karma. The quality of each act you can track almost online. Sometimes you do not even think about why something happened. Here one can trace a clear pattern: made – received.

Everyone, regardless of whether he wants it or not, can open up deeply and show his true face, so if you want to know someone closer – just go with him to Goa! There is no need to wait until the person gets out of the cocoon of his masks, roles and stereotypes. Here everything happens very quickly, even automatically, and sometimes someone can alter beyond recognition
overnight. Goa inexplicably pulls out everything that was inside and shows it on your own palm.

Here ones learn to understand the nature of people, listen and hear, feel each other… What is hidden from me behind the gray walls of skyscrapers, asphalt and the smell of gasoline in the metropolis, here is quietly manifested and felt clean and easy.

India entrusts you the keys to the souls of people, giving your key to someone else. It is the one who makes me “Shantaram”, the best of those manifestations that I could be. It absorbs me with her open arms and, having digested, gives the real me to the world, without leaving a bit of
opportunity for insincerity.

I still do not understand why India. I will try, being there this time, to understand it…

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