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Georgetown is a real Bermuda triangle for the laws of classical physics and a testing ground for quantum mechanics laws. Here you will find simultaneous immersion in the 17 th , 18 th , 19 th , 20 th and 21 st centuries. Staying in all of them at once, your brain will erase the boundaries between past, present and future, feeling the illusory nature of time, will question its very existence. The space of this city will continue to
drive you crazy. Without leaving the city, like a photon from quantum physics you can simultaneously visit the old Holland, Portugal, China and England. But this is not the joker of this city…

Now, put in the brain blender the countries and the centuries described above and thoroughly mix them, pour into glasses, and on top carefully pour Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism and Chinese folk
religion in layers. Your soul forever intoxicated by this cocktail will discover a new home. Again and again you will wish to return to this city.   I will lead you through the streets, walls and show unusual graffiti  – which reflects the story of todays Georgetown, and introduce you to the works of Ernest Zacharevic. His idea of ​​street art, different from many artists, he expressed on ancient walls, reviving them not with the illusion of paint,
but with various things from everyday life. His works harmoniously intertwined with the city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, multiplied on fridge magnets and became an integral part of it. Now these walls are in the tourist list of those places that must be seen, appear at No. 1, and Georgetown once again proved that in erasing the boundaries between the old and the new – the past and the present – it has no equal.  

houses Penang
Chinese lantern
Bike graffiti Penang
graffiti Penang
graffiti Penang
graffiti Penang
minion graffiti Penang
hotel Penang
graffiti Penang
graffiti Penang
Chinese lantern Penang
Bar Penang
house Penang
graffiti Penang

  Next, I’ll lure you into the Captain’s house. He, as well as the city, surprised me with his ability to subtly combine cultures, religions and ages. The captain has everything in its place and it seems that his soul after death found its paradise in the details of this house. Imperceptible at first glance, but with the help of guides they, like Sherlock Holmes, will tell much more about their owner than he could tell about
himself: * The height of the threshold will manifest its status and financial position; * In the center of the hall there is a square stone floor, along its perimeter and inside it there are recesses. The size of this square repeats the size of the hole in the ceiling. All this is created for the rain that must freely enter the dwelling and penetrate the ground through these recesses, thus
demonstrating the constant movement of energy in this house; * A statuette of an opium smoker is a projection of the captain himself – he was one of the main players in the Chinese opium trade; * All wooden stairs begin with stone steps that speak of stability in the life of this family and that the owner stands firmly on his feet; * Like many other parts from the west, the McFarlane company column, which supplied steel for the building of the Titanic, found its place under the roof of this house. Perfectly fitting into the hall, from the very beginning she tells visitors about the host’s broad views, good attitude to foreign cultures, that his interests extend far beyond the borders of Malaysia…  

museum 1
museum Penang 2
museum Penang 3
museum Penang 4
museum Penang 5
museum Penang 7
museum Penang 6
museum Penang 8

The captain had an excellent teacher, and the teacher had, has and will have wonderful students. Gracefully washing away time and combining east and west, the townspeople continue to create their distinctive history, harmoniously weaving it into the city out of time – Georgetown. My parents inspired me to create the Penang series. For two months I had worked on these photos with only one purpose – to inspire them to go traveling around the world, where one of the points of the visit, of course, would be Georgetown. When I’d returned to Moscow, I continued to work on photos. The parents, did not wait for Malaysian inspiration, were inspired by our trip, intercepted the baton from us and just like us without thinking twice went on a journey.   Mommy and daddy spread your wings, change ways more often, do not be afraid of the new, live with it – now the whole world is at your feet! I wish you a good journey and let it pass through this kind city, through Love Lane, which in the future, believe me, will mean a lot in your and my life… I love you with all my heart!  

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