Before leaving, I had serious concerns that we would get stuck in Goa, as it was 7 years ago, when I lived there for half a year, and did not see India. It is full of those who come here every year, but never saw it. Goa sucks you with its unhurried life, rum and hashish…

Coming out of the airport, having been absorbed in  “Shantaram” in the flight, I felt that my soul had set off in search of a guide, one who would open the door to the wonderful world of the Indian soul. I was so imbued with the way the hero of the book describes the Indians that I really wanted to learn how to look at the world through their eyes. Because they do it through the prism of the soul, but not material objects. And whatever their financial position or status in society – these people know how to rejoice at what they have and what the European would most likely ignore. I noticed it in the first trip, but did not appreciate it…

During the whole trip, I constantly quoted excerpts from this book and, as a result, my interest was picked up by my husband, who, like me, decided to dig deeper into their hearts. And so, on arrival, we met the first guide – the owner of our hotel. He turned out to be that Prabaker from the
book, who personified the entire Indian people, with a discouraging smile that was aimed at the very heart. It included sincere attention and support in various circumstances. My husband asked: “Are they all like that?” So, on our journey, everyone turned out to be like that! I was sincerely rejoiced at open people, like a child, and opened myself in response.

As soon as we arrived in Goa, and throughout our trip, it always seemed to me that this was a honeymoon trip, although I did not officially put this image on me. I felt the happiness pouring into me, which erased my inner boundaries and turned me into a single whole with my husband and the entire world around me.

But, at first, I didn’t understand where such an emotional background when you get high from every moment of life had come from. Since I traveled with my better half more than once, my very difficult nature did not let me relax, so I could skillfully “wear my beloved out” and of course spoil everything. I was always more disliked than liked. And then, having flown to India, I dissolved in it and enjoyed every single minute! Why am I bursting with happiness? How is it that at every step I experience some kind of unreal pleasure that is accompanied by butterflies in the stomach and goosebumps all over my body? Reflecting on these questions, I remembered how it happened that it was India, and not any other country, that lured us.

A month before leaving there, I called my tarologist, trying to figure out where to go on a trip. I was just sure that this trip should have a deep meaning, so we were dealt the deck, thought, and looked for the meaning of staying in those countries where we wanted to go.

In this article I will tell you quite a bit about why I am so sure that everyone should have a tarologist, about the chakras that really exist, about what it gave and gives me in life, but in more detail I will cover these topics in following ones. For me, as a materialist, the understanding that tarot works, and the chakras exist, has become a difficult realization, because the brain has resisted this very much. It seemed that it would go crazy if we believed in that, but anyway all of this is true. And now I own the knowledge of tarot, I deal the decks; I continue to study chakras with its help.

In each country, adventure awaits us, as well as our energy channels. And in each country the influence of a particular chakra will be predominant. The choice of the country to go on a journey was huge, but India attracted me by the fact that it was the place where my second chakra, called Svadhishthana was supposed to open up. Such was the deal of tarot cards, by which I had been read the desires of my intuition, and, as a result, desires of my soul.

Why was the second chakra so interesting to me?
Due to the fact that I had been sick, my lower 3 chakras suffered a lot. I had recovered the First one – Muladhara for 3 years. Such a long rehabilitation is inherent in people who have the disease is not just a background, but can lead to very bad consequences, such as cancer or other equally serious diseases. I had carcinoma in situ.
This was just the initial stage, but, believe me – it was very scary and mentally painful to know about it! So, my lower chakras were very badly injured due to this disease. It took three years to recover, or rather, to come to zero. For the chakras, zero is when neither good nor bad, i.e. you seem to be living, but there is no fullness of life.

Therefore, when the tarologist said that the Indian circumstances and atmosphere would give a new round of development to my Svadhishthana, I jumped at it and told my husband, who had trusted the tarot for a year and, believe me, it was not unreasonable! After all, they had participated in the development of a roadmap to recover health, which had returned to normal without surgery! And this despite the fact that all the doctors said that this is impossible, that it is necessary to excise! And besides, in combination with various practices, tarot helped recover not only my health, but also improve the financial situation, which got shaken after I’d fallen ill and sold out beauty salons.

So, how did I start to open Svadhishthana, why should it be opened and what did its opening give?

During the journey, I began to do exactly, что хотел мой муж. But in fact it turned out that I started doing what I wanted by myself! This was the beginning of its opening. Because one of the aspects of a well-working Svadhishthana is when we do what we want, and not what we need! But so often it happens that our habits can deceive us very much. Do you remember, я говорила, that I would like to practice yoga and meditation there? It turns out to be a lie to myself! In fact, I wanted to wake up the deuce knows what time, to travel and not to do yoga, meditation, or sports at all! Being in India, I allowed myself to eat what I do not eat in Moscow – cakes, cookies, sweets…

This chakra just loves when its owner is real, genuine and does what he or she really wants to do! All that brings us pleasure. It loves beautiful things, delicious food, sex, alcohol and even drugs, or rather an altered state after them. In general, this chakra is the whole buzz in life! But at the same time, it checks you for a balance that is upset, when everything is so cool around!

All that I have listed relates to the material world, and when pleasure comes only through this, when it is excessive, when a person feeds only the material side of this chakra, it suffers. So often it happens that grasping what brings pleasure is difficult to stop and the chakra saturation occurs first, and then everything overflows over the edges, we exhaust it and begin to lose energy. These are shopaholics, people with excess weight, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. All of them went biased towards animal enjoyment, and because of this negligent attitude, which was manifested to the second chakra, an addiction arises, and it is very difficult to get out of its networks.

There is another category of people with a Svadhishthana, skewed in the other direction – those who live as soldiers – all on schedule, work, and work again, and no buzz in life. So, it’s me – but already in the past I am Taurus and have been a workaholic all my life – this, I think, is the karma of earthy zodiac signs. Such serious and responsible, too responsible, ad nauseam. In general, this is also a real addiction – being constantly involved in work and not being able to enjoy life. And I realized this addiction there. Coincidences of circumstances led me to this awareness, and they awakened understanding in me, after which it also woke up. This was the first thing that began to awaken her.

While I was doing only what I did nothing – my energy increased exponentially, I felt the difference, I felt very much. At the same time, I understood that it was necessary to competently use it and at some point stop being lazy, like a seal. Unfortunately for the state of Goa and fortunately for us, he lost his beauty and identity. And our united desire to get to know this people closer became so strong that after several days spent in Goa, my husband decided to leave this state and bought tickets to the very heart of India – Delhi. But I kept our contract and obeyed his wishes with interest.

Having arrived in Delhi, I communicated with the deepest enthusiasm with the Indians, and they responded to me with such a reciprocity, which I never felt wherever I was. Our communication created an atmosphere of deepest love and understanding around me, I had the feeling that India was for me, and I was for it. It really began to burst my chest, and I felt how the mental stream, before becoming voiced, passed through it like a filter. The energy freely rose up to the heart chakra Anahata, and along the way generously filled the lower centers. I began to realize how to live through the soul – through the Anahata chakra, and not through Muladhara, through
which 90% of Moscow people live. Their deepest courtesy and understanding had become my teachers. They taught me to be friends again, truly, like in childhood! The material world and my infantile desires faded into the background – it became calm at heart. It was a real childlike
interest, and it was a genuine spiritual pleasure for me and for the second chakra. And thanks to these two aspects, which were manifested in me, my energy increased, and the chakra continued to wake up.

Then I realized that it was our material desires, or rather their number, that forced us to join the rat race. In parallel, I remembered how, with my mother, I opened the salon by the salon, having forgotten how to enjoy life. And when we decided to open another salon, I fell ill – it was a sign that this chakra, and not only it, was almost completely exhausted. After all, it just did not have time to handle such a number of material desires and produce wishful thinking. Although, it is exactly responsible for their quick execution. But everything should be in balance. I understood that it makes no sense to scatter desires – they cease to be fulfilled. We must learn to screen out what is really important and what is not. And the second thing that became clear to me is how important the balance in desires is. They should be not only material, but also spiritual, such as traveling: to yourself, to the souls of people, and, of course, the exploration of our planet. From
this our Svadhisthana receives energy, which significantly improves the quality of life.

During this trip, I seem to have learned to admire even an ordinary stone that met along the way. Sincere interest in the Indians continued to grow against the background of rising energy and was transferred to everything. So was waking up a real thirst for life. But this was not the end of my metamorphosis…

Since my interest soon transformed into both unreal and real pleasure from everything that surrounds me, at some point I turned into one continuous feeling. This sensitivity was transferred to the sexual plane and grew so much that I began to understand for sure – it worked, the difference became more than obvious… My last doubts about whether it all happens because of it disappeared. Instead, there was firmly established the final understanding that this is its act of creativity in me, which continues to grow even now when I returned to Moscow. Sensitivity is multiplied so that it sometimes seems to drive me crazy! But this is the test in which the most important thing is not to lose balance!

However, this miraculous influence did not end there: my self-confidence, such inner freedom, which I had not experienced at least for a long time and maybe never in my life at all, became the “icing on the cake”. For example, writing about chakras was not part of my plans. I am not a mystic at all, but more than a realist, but my experience suggests that logic solves only half of the problems. The other half should be entrusted to intuition and let it create magic for us!

Everything that I lived and felt I was given from India. No matter how poor a Hindu man is, he as a child continues to enjoy life sincerely. Their religion has never placed a ban on sex, and therefore Indians are very creative people. And where is creativity – there Svadhishthana works at 100%. After all, it is that one what gives energy for the throat chakra – Vishudha, which causes in a person the desire to create in general and create masterpieces in this world.

Of course, the opening of the second chakra was preceded by many other practices that would become the foundation and the primary interest would not emerge without them. After all, for such a huge interest to appear, energy is also needed. But in any case, India generously shares its sincerity and openness, and if our interest lies in the field of knowing these two qualities which are important for a person, then at some point we will certainly catch ourselves thinking that every second we enjoy life! The main thing – don’t lose your head!

And, apparently, for balance, as the fates decree, and with the already increased research spirit of Svadhishthana, I am heading to Israel, to Jerusalem…

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